Mentee in the 2019 MedTech-Pharma Program at Western Sydney University NSW


Studying the interactions between humans, animals and their environment to help create a more compassionate world is at the core of Corinne’s work. She graduated from the Université de Montréal with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2015 and with a Master of Veterinary Science in immunology in 2016. She is currently a PhD candidate in Evolutionary Biology at Western Sydney University, where she studies how environmental factors affect the evolution of the immune response.

Aside from her studies, Corinne has been volunteering for international not-for-profit organisations like Veterinarians Without Borders (VWB/VSF) and the Global Alliance for Animals and People (GAAP). She has co-developed a workshop to teach school-aged kids about primary animal care, led the organising committee of an event for rabies awareness and provided editing/proofreading/translation assistance for a para-veterinary training manual to support a remote indigenous community.

Corinne’s professional interests range from immunology, microbiology, public health, science communication and project management.


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