Christopher Mesiku, mentee in the 2019 Energy Minerals Resources Program at the University of Queensland, QLD.


Having a Bachelor and Graduate degrees in physics and science education and a 2020 IBM patent award, Christopher is currently completing his doctorate at University of Queensland. Concurrently, he works at CSIRO as a web author, educator and a data curator and visualiser. He is a member of the Returned Australian Volunteers Network (RAVN) after having undertaken an international development assignment at the International Centre For Research in Agroforestry, Kenya.

Previously, he was part of the Queensland Government’s Air Quality Monitoring team and the Science Information Services Team. In those teams, he developed WildNet GIS spatial data products for Queensland Globe and helped install and calibrate equipment for collecting air quality monitoring data.

After having completed a placement at the IBM Research lab in Melbourne, he aspires to use machine learning to create knowledge products for a variety of purposes and audiences.

You can find Christopher on: