IMNIS Mentee Behnaz Azimi Manavi

This is Behnaz. She is doing her PhD at Deakin University since 2019. She is working on her PhD thesis “schizophrenia, antipsychotics and bone”. She is looking to find is there any association between schizophrenia per se or antipsychotic medications using with osteoporosis or bone loss. Her current work is more related to psychiatry, mental health, psychopharmacology, and medicine. She has done courses to work with DEXA machine and pQCT, and she has got a radiation license for that.  She has done workshops related to statistics (Stata, Spss, Minitab, excel), designing surveys (REDCap), Machine learning (R).

Behnaz did her bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology, and her master’s degree in general psychology. Her master thesis was about the relationship between attachment style, love style, personality, and marital satisfaction. She has worked as psychologist for couples who wanted to divorce, and she did many workshops related to their issues. She worked as educational consultant at high school. And worked as psychologist at addiction rehabilitation centers for drug-users.