Ayda Khosravani, mentee in the 2018 MedTech-Pharma program in NSW (UNSW)

I am currently a 2nd year PhD student of Biomaterials at UNSW. I have 1.5 years to submit my thesis but, I plan to finish the experimental part by the end of 2019. I have done my master’s in Materials Science and Engineering (Corrosion and prevention of the materials) and my bachelor’s in chemical engineering (petrochemical industry). Through the study pathway, I have gained experiences like how to work with the cells and doing cell cultures and performing the proliferation assays as well as running bacterial tests to evaluate the bacterial reduction of the samples. Doing biomaterials provided the situation for me to gain knowledge in both biological performance and the material characterisation (e.g. SEM, XRD, Raman, FIB, TEM, etc.)

I also have more than 4 years of tutoring and demonstrating experience in my past studies and now at UNSW.

I have industrial experience as a process engineer. I worked for 1 year in the Process Engineering Company and I had different responsibilities ranges from working with simulation programs (Hysis, Aspen Plus) to field experiences like inspection and detecting the issues and the performance.

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