Ava Faridi, mentee in the 2020-21 program in VIC (Monash University).

My bachelor degree is in Mechanical engineering (Shiraz University) and master in Nano Technology (ETHZurich, Switzerland). At the moment I am at the end of my PhD, at ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio-Nano Science and technology (CBNS), mostly focused on the effect of nano particles in protein fibrillation and amyloidosis such as Type II Diabetes and Alzheimer’s. I was able to publish 14 papers during my PhD. At the same time, I am working in Nano Vacuum company as an account manager in the field of nano technology. I worked for industry for couple of years before after my bachelor and I was managing my small start-up in engineering field for 3 years. During my PhD I had the chance to organise two conferences in Melbourne and Brisbane for EMCRs. As part of an ARC centre, I was involved in many committees and working closely with the admin team of the centre and faculty I could work hard toward self-development.

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