Anand Kumar, mentee in the 2020-21 program in South Australia (Flinders University).

I am Anand Kumar, currently enrolled as a PhD student in the School of Chemical and Physical sciences, Flinders University. My PhD research work involves understanding the Specific Ion behaviour of different ion in various liquid surfaces from the interfacial point of view. For my research work, I employ ion scattering spectroscopy to obtain concentration depth profile information at the resolution of 2 angstroms. I have gained a lot of experience on operating ion scattering instrument for depth profile analysis and handle part of maintenance work for the instrument. Recently, I was also involved in the installation of custom FTIR instrument in our lab. For that FTIR instrument, I am great with handling the FTIR instrument and proficient in FTIR data analysis and fitting modules. I am also proficient in uses of Surface tension instrument and in-depth analysis of surface tension data. So the above description represents my strong skill in handling high-end analytical instruments and displays my interest in learning about new analytical techniques.

I did my Bachelor’s in Physics and Nanotechnology at SRM University, India. I was very active with research works and extracurricular activities during my bachelors. For that reason, I was elected as Student representative for the Department of Physics and Nanotechnology from 2015-2018 at SRM University. I also received SRM performance-based scholarship for three consecutive years (2015, 2016, 2017) and funding for my research exchange work at Flinders University. I secured 2nd rank in the Department of Physics and Nanotechnology. During my bachelors, I worked as a Research student at SRM Research institute in computational simulation and designing of CO2 reduction catalysis. After that, I worked on the development of Pt2NiCo catalysts and Graphene oxide-based non-metallic catalyst for ORR applications. Based on my research and academic performance, I was one of the two selected Research exchange students from SRM University to work on my final year project at the Institute of Nanoscale Science and Technology, Flinders University. During my research exchange work, I got experience in handling the XPS instrument NICISS instrument and detailed analysis of XPS and NICISS spectrum.

Currently, my PhD project work also involves studying conformational behaviour in the various polymer structure due to presence of ions, and these properties of the polymer have been used in the development of Lithium-ion batteries, protein absorption application and drug delivery carriers. I have a huge interest in learning about polymer structure to facilitate further industrial applications mainly in the field of drug delivery controlled by ionic presences. So, learning how to put such materials to an industry-based use would be very substantial towards the development of my personal and professional skills.