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IMNIS Members

By investing in the IMNIS initiative member Universities around Australia demonstrate visionary leadership and ensure their postgraduates experience comprehensive professional development opportunities during their PhD.

Through IMNIS member Universities offer their best and brightest the opportunity to leave the laboratory, office, field and/or clinic, to widen their perspective, expand their knowledge, and gain a greater understanding of the broader STEM sector in industry.

ATSE CEO Dr Margaret Hartley FTSE says,

Participating universities are at the leading edge of the innovation frontier by enhancing the professional development of their PhD trainees to increase their understanding of the STEM industry sector, as well as broadly extending their networks through IMNIS”

If your University is interested in the IMNIS initiative and would like to learn more:  Contact Us, download our flyer and check-out our FAQs.


MedTech-Pharma Program

La Trobe University

Monash University

The University of Melbourne

RMIT University

New South Wales

MedTech-Pharma Program

Macquarie University

The University of Sydney

University of Technology Sydney

South Australia

MedTech-Pharma Program

Flinders University

The University of Adelaide

University of South Australia

Energy resources Program

The University of Adelaide

University of South Australia


MedTech-Pharma Program

Queensland University of Technology

Minerals resources program

Queensland University of Technology

Western Australia

Energy and Minerals Resources Program

Curtin University

Murdoch University

The University of Western Australia