IMNIS Participants


Featuring the profiles of our participating mentors and mentees shows how the IMNIS program:

  • Fosters a collaborative innovative culture
  • Professionally develops both mentors and mentees
  • Expands mentees’ knowledge and understanding of the industry sector
  • Establishes broad professional networks between industry and academia
  • Informs mentees about commercialisation, startups, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Identifies and shares what skills are needed within the industry sector

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MENTEE – James Tran

MENTOR – Damien Bates

MENTOR – Sue Keay

MENTOR – Andrew Cuthbertson

MENTOR – Morteza Shokri-Ghasabeh

MENTOR – Hema Wadhwa

MENTOR – Mark Skanes

MENTOR – Sue MacLeman

MENTOR – Anna Sloboda

MENTOR – Rick Stroud

MENTOR – Leonie Walsh

MENTOR – Francis Norman

IMNIS may share your profile with a range of stakeholders via email, print or online. They will also be posted on the IMNIS website.