IMNIS Alumni Dr Callum Lawrence

IMNIS Alumni Dr Callum Lawrence

Name: Dr Callum Lawrence 

IMNIS Program: 2016 IMNIS Engage Pilot Program 

Background and Journey: 

After completing his PhD in Structural Biology at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, Dr Callum Lawrence moved to the United Kingdom, landing at Imperial College London where he bid for, co-founded and ran a number of commercial acceleration programs; including the MedTech SuperConnector (MTSC) on behalf of several higher education institutions.  


Under the MTSC, Callum supported a wide range of medical technologies-focused start-ups underpinned by in vitro diagnostics, devices and digital technologies. He eventually took a lead commercial position in Neoptera Surgical, a startup aiming to revolutionise minimally invasive neurosurgery using a medical robotics and artificial intelligence platform.  


After four years in London, Dr Lawrence returned to Melbourne to grow and develop the Innovation Acceleration Program, a commercial acceleration program that supports The University of Melbourne’s researchers to build solutions and partnerships with healthcare professionals who have identified unmet, urgent clinical needs.  

Callum is passionate about all things innovation and entrepreneurship; and is particularly enthusiastic when working with teams aiming to realise clinical impact by combining the two. 

IMNIS Impact:  

During his time in the IMNIS program Callum gained a stronger understanding of the focus and prioritisation of industry! The importance of customer identification and feedback in technology development is still something he reflects on regularly today. 

The mentoring he received during his time in IMNIS provided him with clear industry expectations and facilitated connection to a great network. Without the support of IMNIS he wouldn’t have been encouraged to gain the diverse commercialisation experience and advice he has since been fortunate to receive. 

You can connect with Dr Lawrence on LinkedIn