IMNIS Alumni Dr Anjaleena Anthony

IMNIS Alumni Dr Anjaleena Anthony

Name: Dr Anjaleena Anthony

IMNIS Program: 2017/2018 IMNIS Program

Background and Journey:

Anjaleena started her dream career with a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from India. She came to Australia in 2012 to pursue her Master’s in Biotechnology & Bioinformatics from La Trobe University and then moved on to receive her PhD from the University of Melbourne. Over her career trajectory, Anjaleena has participated in diverse student mentoring and community engagement programs. She has devoted her time in various volunteering activities that helped her to shape her perspective more broadly. She came across the IMNIS program through one of her career networking events.


Anjaleena is currently working at Promega Corporation as an Applications Specialist/Territory Manager. In this role Anjaleena is responsible for sales and technical support, lab demos, organising trade displays, maintaining client relationships as well as market analysis.

What was the most impactful thing Anjaleena learnt during her time in the IMNIS program?

By far the most impactful thing that Anjaleena learnt during her time in the IMNIS program was the significance of networking and maintaining those professional relationships. Staying in touch with your network, as well as making new contacts, is so important.

“You become aware of the latest opportunities, market shifts as well as just knowing where others are on their career journey and having the ability to share your own journey.”

How did the IMNIS program help Anjaleena to get where she is today?

It is because of the IMNIS program that she developed self-confidence, polished her communication skills, and knew how to recognize a good career opportunity. Anjaleena’s IMNIS mentor, Leigh Farrell, helped her with her resume and cover letter, and he also taught her how to look for future opportunities with a broad mindset and have a ‘can-do’ attitude.

You can connect with Anjaleena on LinkedIn and Twitter